What my most popular posts on tumblr can tell us about what transgender youth are looking for

Affirmative videos

In positive stories about trans people get a lot of traction, and especially videos.

Affirmative stories

The need for positive stories goes beyond videos.

Being trans enough

There are, unfortunately, some trans people who find it meaningful to invalidate other transgender people. Stories that gives a more nuanced picture of the transgender umbrella is therefore of great help to many.

Celebrities defending transgender people

In some cases loved celebrities embracing trans people go viral. I guess this is about being seen by people who has some kind of legitimacy in the broader population.

Post documenting scientific support for trans people

The transphobic nonsense of gender equalling biological sex has clearly taken its toll. It may sound like “common sense” to many, but the fact is that science says no such thing. Trans youth benefit from solid references that can be presented to doubtful parents over the kitchen table.

Posts documenting that you can find love as a trans person

I think that one of the deepest fears felt by trans people is that they will be dismissed by friends and family if they come out and that they will never find love living as themselves.



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