We stand with Ukraine!

We stand with Ukraine!

I am interrupting my regular programming, because right now, as I write this, a good transgender friend is trapped in Kharkiv in the north-eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian soldiers are doing their outmost to defend the city against the Russian invaders. She can hear explosions in the background and has been urged to take shelter in one of the subway stations.

Let me be very clear about this: This is not only an attack against Ukraine. It is an attack against humanity, against democracy and against diversity in all of Europe and beyond.

For the LGBTQA+ people of Ukraine this also implies the threat of being occupied by a regime and a dictator that use homophobia and transphobia as weapons against freedom. Because for Putin freedom, love and compassion are seen as threats to his hold on power. Rightly so, because fascism is the opposite of freedom, tolerance and respect for those who are different from yourself.

Make a note of those who support Putin in your own country. They are on the side of darkness.

Whatever happens now, the rainbow people of Ukraine will need our support. If Ukraine prevails, they will need our help to rebuild and to defend their nation. If Ukraine falls they will need our help to survive under a dark dictatorship.

Let us also spare a thought for the people fighting Putin in Russia. Not all Russians are supporting this invasion. Far from it.

Let us all do our outmost to unmask and defeat Putin. He has become a threat to good people everywhere.

I stand with Ukraine!


Originally published at https://trans-express.lgbt.



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Jack Molay

Jack Molay


Writer and news curator looking at everything transgender, nonbinary and queer.