Transphobic conspiracy theorist argues that Zendaya and Tom Holland are both transgender

Jack Molay
3 min readMay 1, 2023


Over at tiktok “Queen Awake” has been helping transphobes identify trans women and trans men among our celebrities. It all crashed with a sickening thud when she told us that Zendaya and Tom Holland, a cis celebrity couple, are both trans.

She has now closed both her Instagram and her tiktok accounts to the general public, probably realizing that she has made a complete fool of herself.

Queen Awake’s infamous video here:

She is basically saying that she can determine if a person is trans on the basis of their body shape.

Now, you might say that “Conspiracy Realists | Mentor Hollyweird Exposer teaching Critical Thinkers how to identify Inverted Celebs, Top 1%” (yepp, that is how she describes herself over at Instagram) is an unrepresentative outlier, and that most “gender critical” anti-trans activists are a little bit more smarter than this. And you would at least be partly right.

But anyone who have followed transphobic TERFs and right wing extremists in social media, will know that many of them are desperately trying to come up with solid signs that can be used to distinguish between trans and cis people in public spaces, and, yes, quite a few of them promote signs based on body morphology (or body shape). They need signs they can use to police restrooms and locker rooms.

Others insist that we can decide who are women based on chromosomes, ovaries, testosterone levels etc., but this is, of course, impractical, in public spaces.

Over: Zendaya presenting her “male proportions.” To be fair: There are trans women who look very much like her. There is so much bodily variation among both cis and trans women that there is no way you can distinguish them on the basis of the way they look.

Transphobes often say that “they can always tell” if a person is trans, but Queen Awake’s courses in how to identify trans celebs clearly shows that some of them do not completely trust their trans radar. And they should not.

You see, if we are to follow Queen Awake’s theory of male and female traits, a majority of cis women will have to be classified as trans, which makes banning trans women from public bathrooms very difficult.

Note that in the first half of the 20th century there was a whole “science” called eugenics (or “racial hygiene”) that used scull measurements to divide people into “Nordic”, “Alpine” and various non-European races. They wanted to ensure that the blood of the pure “Aryan” race was not diluted with blood from the inferior races. The Nazis loved this “science”.

Bruno Berger was a German racial anthropologist, ethnologist, explorer and SS officer who went to Tibet in search of lost tribes of “Aryans”. He, like most eugenicists, made active use of scull measurements.

In Apartheid South Africa the white racists developed the “pencil test”, a method of assessing whether a person has Afro-textured hair. If the pencil fell out of their hair, they were seen as black or “colored”, and they were banned from white spaces. Sounds familiar, does it not?

If someone starts using pseudo-science to exclude people they do not like from society, it is a safe bet that they are bigots.

Here’s a broader presentation of Queen Awake’s conspiracy theories by Rebal D:



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