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Jack Molay
1 min readJul 7, 2024


I am continuously experimenting with new ways of serving the transgender community and their friends with relevant news and content.

I have now put up a test web site where I publish our transgender news feed on a daily basis. Hopefully it can later serve as a useful repository for transgender news articles and the like.

You can visit Transgender Report here!

The daily list of news articles is based on my Transgender World social media feeds.

Every day (or so) I go to some handpicked sites and look for relevant content.

I then use a very helpful publishing tool called Fedica to edit the text and the links. Fedica will then distribute the posts to the various social media accounts throughout the day, so that the followers are not bombarded with too much content at the same time.

You can follow my social media stream over at the following platforms:




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