Transgender people have always been with us

Jack Molay
2 min readFeb 14, 2023

If being trans is caused by “woke” propaganda, how can it be that we find trans people all over the world and through all ages?

One of the most poignant texts left us by the trans people of the past is a Medieval poem published by a Jewish trans woman, known as Kalonymos ben Kalonymus, in 1322.

. . . Oh, but had the artisan who made me
created me instead — a fair woman.
Today I would be wise and insightful.
We would weave, my friends and I,
and in the moonlight spin our yarn,
and tell our stories to one another,
from dusk till midnight.
We’d tell of the events of our day, silly things,
matters of no consequence.
But also I would grow very wise from the spinning,
and I would say, “Happy is she who knows how to work with combed flax and weave it into fine white linen.”

I have collected some posts and articles that documents the existence of transgender people thoughout history:



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