Terrorist attack against Oslo Pride. What does it mean for Norwegian LGBT-support?

Jack Molay
2 min readJun 25, 2022

In spite of all the anti-LGBT propaganda we see these days, a Norwegian survey may indicate that this is not necessarily a sign of weakening support for queer and trans people.

As I reported in my article on the recent survey of Norwegian perceptions of queer and trans people, more than 60 percent report positive feelings about LGB people in Norway. Around five percent are negative. The similar numbers for trans people are around 50% (positive) and a bit over 10% on the negative side. There is some variation as regards what kind of LGB and T people you are talking about.

These are in no way perfect scores, but it is worth noting that in spite of several years with aggressive anti-LGBT and anti-trans activism, the support for queer people has continued to increase, even during the recent years.

Friday night, however, a queer Oslo watering hole celebrating the upcoming Pride Parade was attacked by a man with a gun. Two people died, many more are wounded. Does this mean that LGBT support is waning in Norway?

I would argue that this is not the case. I honestly think this attack will lead to an increased support for LGBTQA people in my country.

The increased hate activism against trans people is not a sign of the transphobes winning. It is a sign of them knowing that they are losing.

Their only possible winning strategy now is to use violence so that they can establish Fascist regimes that make their bigoted dreams of a “pure” society real. They have succeeded in Russia, they may succeed in the US, but I doubt very much that they will make this happen in my own country, Norway.

More here: “Attack against queer pub leads to Pride being cancelled in Oslo, Norway”

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Originally published at https://www.crossdreamer.com on June 25, 2022.



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