No, trans people are not making lesbian women trans

Jack Molay
2 min readAug 29, 2021

Keep in mind that:

IF same-sex attraction is real (which it is),
AND there are women who are exclusively or predominantly attracted to women (which is a fact),
AND we find same-sex attraction in all ages and all cultures (which is also a fact),
AND we acknowledge that the homophobia and transphobia found in our societies are so strong that no one will chose to present as gay, lesbian or transgender (unless they truly are gay, lesbian or trans),
AND this orientation is stable (which it is in the case for most lesbian identifying women) -
THEN it makes no sense to believe that lesbian women will change their identity simply because some trans people tell them to (which, by the way, trans people do not).

BECAUSE if that was the case, lesbians identities would be nothing but mirages (which they are not).

THIS tells us that those few who stop thinking of themselves as lesbian and start calling themselves trans instead (or queer, bi or pansexual) do so because of a process of self discovery which leads to the acknowledgement of their real identity,
AND to invalidate that sense of self is similar to the act of invalidating the identity of lesbian women.

Don’t do that.

Photo of two Minoan double-axes (labrys), a symbol that is also used to refer to lesbians. The double axe was a symbol associated with Minoan priestesses and their mother goddess. Some argue that it is a reference to the cycle of the moon, which is associated with women, others that it is a simplified butterfly, a symbol of rebirth. The labrys has also been associated with the amazons, the female warriors of Antiquity.

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