“Gender is not real.” Really?

Ambiguous means unreal

This anti-trans activists argument was that since gender is an ambiguous term, gender is basically not real. “Existence” in the world of this activist, apparently requires that you can present a definition that is so clear, that there can be no doubt about whether someone is a man or a woman.

“Male behavior is whatever males do”

TRANSPHOBE: “did you know that if you are born biologically male everything you do, no matter how feminine, is male behavior by definition? Male behavior is WHATEVER males do.”

How real life influences real life

TRANSPHOBE: “Again, how can genders exist if all forms of behavior can be part of people of all genders?”

Living with complexity

Let me add here that there is no simple definition of gender because both human nature and human culture are extremely complex phenomena. The words we use to describe this complexity are by necessity imperfect and ambiguous.



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Jack Molay

Jack Molay

Writer and news curator looking at everything transgender, nonbinary and queer.