“Gender critical” TERF joins right wing extremist Tucker Carlson in crusade against trans women

Reported to the police for hate crimes

Ellingsen has been reported to the police for having actively and maliciously harassed Christine Marie Jentoft, a Norwegian transgender woman and activist.

This is harassment, and not about freedom of speech

Anyone who have seen the way Ellingsen has treated this trans woman, will know that the intent has been to invalidate and hurt her, and not to engage in an open and informed discussion about sex and gender.

TERFs have become a threat towards democracy, professor says

Professor Elisabeth L. Engebretsen from the University of Stavanger made the following observations about WDI Norway and associated twitter-accounts in the recent book Populism and Science in Europe:



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Jack Molay

Jack Molay


Writer and news curator looking at everything transgender, nonbinary and queer.