Many “gender critical” TERFs and right wing extremists transphobes out there keep repeating that science says that gender can be reduced to genitals and chromosomes.

It is important to keep the following in mind: No one is denying that penises and vaginas are real or that biological sex exists.

Our bodies are most definitely real. Indeed, one major problem facing many trans people is the mismatch between that biological reality and the reality of one’s experienced gender. The body is real. The identity is real.

Reducing the one (the identity) to the other (biological sex) is not a scientific observation…

Trans separatist Buck Angel and his friends has published a letter attacking trans female activists. Trans men and women world wide have pulled their arguments apart and revealed the transphobic basis of their arguments.

Can transgender people be transphobic? They most certainly can. On their life journeys many go through periods where internalized transphobia causes shame, guilt and confusion.

And yes, some even take their fear out on other trans people, in desperate attempts at living up to the expectations of cis/straight family and friends. That is understandable, even if it is not defendable.

The tragedy of transgender separatism


them reports that the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has declared that denying parental rights due to gender identity is discriminatory.

The matter was brought to the courts attention by a transgender woman from Russia. The woman — referred to as A.M. by the European court — had continued to see her two children for one and a half year after her gender was legally recognized in 2015, and after her divorce.

Transphobic wife claims ex-spouse will harm children

Her former wife argued, however, that her ex-spouse seeing the children would negatively impact their morals and well-being of the…

Being transgender is definitely not a fad. Here’s the story about the dramatic life of an 18th century Norwegian trans man.

In 1781 Anne Kristine Mortensdatter and Jens Anderssen got married in the Strømsø church in Drammen in Norway. She was a weaver. He was a coachman and a farm laborer.

Live Vedeler Nilsen writes that two year after their marriage Anne Kristine told the parish priest that Jens was not a man at all, but “a woman”. The priest alerted the bishop, who in turn told the county governor.

Jens was arrested and forced to undergo a medical examination…

This is madness. Two of the world’s three fastest women’s 400m sprinters has been banned from the Olympics because of high testosterone levels.

When are people going to understand that all people are different and that it is this variation that makes life, including sports, a rich and meaningful experience?

Sports will never be completely “fair” in the sense that all are competing on completely equal terms. …

Harassing transgender kids, stopping trans women from going to the bathroom and calling vulnerable trans women of color sexual perverts doesn’t make you look good, does it? So what can you do about that?

Catherine Butler has published a brilliant tongue in cheek answer to a socialist who finds “trans people a bit yucky” here at Medium.

Inspired by her article I put up some pointers to “gender critical” TERFs, LGB Alliance supporters and other transphobes who think of themselves as liberal and progressive over at tumblr.

This is how you, as a “radical” anti-trans activist, may be able to…

Zagria is, as far as I see it, one of the most important transgender historians around. She is running “A Gender Variance Who’s Who”, an amazing repository for transgender history. The site contains a large number of posts, over 1500, about transgender and gender variant people from all over the world, spanning centuries.

We talked with Zagria about the site, her work and important transgender issues. Here follows part 1 of the interview.

(Above: Private photo of Zagria at Iguazu Falls in 1989)

A site about transgender history

How did you come up with the idea of starting a site about transgender history?

A major…

“Regretters” and “detransitioners” are often used as show cases by anti-trans activists, as they believe they are proof of all trans people being mistaken about their identities. The fact is that the number of detransitioners is very long. European studies show rates of regret between 0.3 and 4 percent.

It seems the numbers i the US is slightly higher. A recent study made at Harvard Medical School reports that 13.1% of currently identified transgender people have detransitioned at some point in their lives.

However, the study also found that 82.5% of those who have detransitioned say that their decision was…

Many of the cultural problems facing queer and trans peope have roots in one particular way of looking at sex, sexuality and gender, a view that has been abandoned by most serious researchers and trans activists, but which nevertheless shapes the way we think about queer and gender variant people.

Here is a short and simplified summary of my interpretation of this history. For references and alternative interpretations, see the list of books included below!

We need to understand history

I believe that if we are to liberate ourselves from the prejudices of old science, we need to know how we got into this mess…

In some of the online “autogynephilia” debates I come across Blanchard-supporters who tell me that “paraphilia” is a benign term that simply means “unusual”. The implicit message is that calling a trans woman “paraphilic” cannot be stigmatizing, as it is an innocent descriptive term. They are wrong.

For those who are unfamiliar with these terms: “autogynephilia” is a term made up by Ray Blanchard, a transphobilc psychologist, who have spent much of his time helping anti-trans activists, arguing that trans women who are attracted to women are suffering from a “paraphilia”.

Many of his supporters, some of whom are trans…

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